The Belly Off! Diet
The Belly Off! Diet
The Belly Off! Diet
The Belly Off! Diet
Is Your Gut Harming You?
The shape, size, and hardness of your stomach say a lot about your health risks—and the type of program you’ll need to firm it up. What does your gut say about your body?
A. Love Handles The Belly Off! Diet
B. Rock-Hard Beer Gut
C. Soft and Flabby

Hundreds of thousands of guys like you
have already lost nearly 2 million pounds!
You too can lose weight and replace flab with lean, strong muscle in no time!

The Belly Off! Diet
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The Belly Off! Diet The Belly Off! Diet
300,000 real guys can’t be wrong …

… and now you can bust your gut with their guy-friendly, science-based secrets!

The Belly Off! Diet is based on the real-world examples of more than 80 men whose stories have been chronicled in the Belly Off! column in Men’s Health magazine over the past 8 years, plus the weight-loss strategies of some of the 300,000 other men who’ve signed up for the Men’s Health Belly Off! Club. All told, these men have lost over 1.8 million pounds.

Following the Belly Off! plan, you will:
Learn the six core strategies that have helped our guys lose weight and keep it off!
Add strong muscle with the Bodyweight 100! 
Drop inches off your waist eating real food – including pizza, steak and burgers!
Lose your gut and get in shape – no gym required! 
Discover how to trigger your cells to burn belly fat first!
Lose fat up fast with the 7-Day Quick Start Plan!
The Science That Turns Off Belly Fat!
When we analyzed the weight-loss strategies that worked for the Belly Off! Club, we found that the same five techniques helped members lose 30 pounds, 70 pounds, 100, even 150 pounds.


And now, in the Belly Off! Diet, that collection of strategies has been synthesized into an easy-to-follow diet and fitness program for optimum weight-loss. Backed by the latest clinical research on metabolism, interval training, portion control, and more, Belly Off! is the scientifically proven, real-guy-approved solution to getting the lean, fit physique you want – for life!
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